What People are Saying

Here are a few words people are saying about the results they got with the help of SCS:

“In six short weeks I have managed to lose almost 20 pounds and 4 inches off my waistline but the biggest loss for me has been losing the need to use my breathing machine for the past two weeks during the night. Diagnosed with sleep apnea and a severe snoring problem I have been using a CPAP machine for over three years but with the weight loss I now no longer need it for a restful nights sleep.”


“The SCS Weight Loss System worked great for me, and I was able to take the weight off quickly and keep it off with the tools they gave me to last a life time.”

“I lost 9 pounds the very first week! And between 4 and 6 pounds each week. It’s easy to stay motivated with the one-on-one support I receive.”

“I’ve been exercising for months, but it wasn’t till I began the SCS Weight Loss System that I started to see real results from my efforts.”

“It only took five weeks for me to reach my goal. Now if my weight goes up more than three pounds, I pop into the SCS office for a ‘boost’ and I’m right back on track. Thanks so much for a ‘real life’ approach to weight management.”

“For months I struggled to lose my excess weight. SCS Weight Loss gave me the tools to lose the extra pounds and then went one step further and taught me how I can keep it off. Weight loss can be a challenge but it was made so much easier with the amazing support from the SCS staff.”

“The SCS Weight Loss System is fantastic. I was on vacation for 2 weeks and even lost weight. How happy I was!”

“The SCS Weight Loss System worked wonders for me. My energy level was always high and I lost my craving for carbs! Positive encouragement along with the steady regimen produced lasting results.”

“I did it!!! …I lost 20 pounds and I am finally at the size 6 and always wanted to be in. It was super easy to stay motivated with the one on one support I received. I have not gain a pound since I ended the program, but if I do, and know what to do and I know that I can always visit the SCS office for a nice boost and get right on track. Thanks for your support!!!”

“SCS Weight Loss System has been a huge help for me. I lost 4 pounds each week. I was able to maintain while on vacation. The real-life approach is what helps me to stay on track. And the one-to-ones is what really makes the difference.”