Welcome to SCS WeightLoss and Wellness Systems

appleFirst, a strong doctor-patient relationship is key to your weight loss success. Weekly visits and physician-SUPERVISED tools will help you effectively reduce your weight and feel great.

During your first consultation, our medical staff will perform weight and body fat analysis, including calculations of your BMI [Body Mass Index]. The SCS team will perform EKG, measure your blood pressure and draw blood for a blood panel workup which may include complete blood count [CBC] and/or comprehensive metabolic panel. SCS physicians or staff members will also discuss your medical, weight, behavioral and lifestyle history with you. After a review of all pertinent information is completed, a COMPREHENSIVE weight loss plan will be recommended for your individual needs.

This weight loss plan may include a prescribed FDA-approved appetite suppressant, which has been used for many years as a SAFE and effective tool to help individuals begin a more healthful pattern of portion control and aids in eliminating food cravings at the onset of the SCS WeightLoss System program. Prescription appetite suppressants are not always recommended. Many patients, however, succeed on this weight loss program without the use of prescription medication since the supplements offered will also assist with weight reduction goals.

Optimum nutrition through “real” food use and supplements are essential to achieving your ideal body composition. Daily and weekly meal plans, easy recipes and dining out tips are all discussed with you weekly and upon request for your weight loss and weight management success. Your biggest challenge will be consuming an adequate amount of calories…you just won’t be hungry! The next important component to the SCS WeightLoss System is for you to consult with our physicians or staff members about a nutritious, conditioning diet plan. Your diet program will be customized for your personal weight loss goals and caloric needs. Rapid weight loss is experienced by the majority of patients and weekly consultations will assist you when plateaus are experienced, weight loss goals are met and your maintenance plans are set.

Finally, regular physical activity is an essential part of the SCS WeightLoss System and a healthier you. The best part of the exercise program you will embark on is that it need not be very strenuous to achieve the fat burning results you need for productive weight loss and increased metabolic rate rewards. Based on your behavioral and lifestyle history, an easy to follow fitness routine will be recommended for your most advantageous weight loss and long term weight maintenance.

Everyone at SCS WeightLoss System, Inc. takes pride in our program. Remember, our staff and physicians are here to help you. So, if any questions arise, please don’t hesitate to call or email for an immediate response. We are your partners in this very important step to a slimmer and healthier you!

We congratulate you for choosing SCS WeightLoss System, the SUPERVISED, COMPREHENSIVE and SAFE way to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

Good Luck! You Can Do It – And We Are Here To Help!!