Tighten Abs with Core Body Work

People exercisingWhile sit-ups and crunches may tighten your abdominal muscles, the best way to actually lose belly fat is to burn calories. The true importance of core body workouts is for total muscle strength and enhanced balance, but it sure does help your overall slimmed down look. Abdominal training will also increase your back stability, as well as improve your posture and shape by toning not only your abdominal muscles but also by targeting oblique areas. Since your getting ready to show some midriff this spring, be sure to concentrate on ridding unsightly fat and increasing tantalizing muscles with core body workouts. Pilates, yoga and stability ball sessions are fantastic modalities for abdominal strength targeting.

Day 6 To Spin or Not to Spin

Should I Spin today, even though it’s supposed to be a “REST” day?

If you indulged in the sneak peek of the running program I posted on the first day of this blog, you would have noticed that every 3rd day is scheduled as a REST DAY.  The training plan allows you to enjoy other forms of exercise on REST Day, such as weight training, biking, yoga, pilates, elliptical – just no walking/running.  On a normal week, Saturdays (today) I meet Julie and we take a great spin class together.

I’ve decided, though, that Julie will have to Spin without me.  I worked hard this week – sticking to the training schedule, waking up at 5am every day (even on the last Rest Day,but that was for a Business Networking meeting), planning out meals or snacks and eating properly to fuel my body with lots of good protein all week.  And, I also did some holiday shopping, which in itself was a walk/run experience at the mall!

Not to worry, my friends, I am not going to lay around like a sloth today.  I have stretches and an easy ab workout at the ready, for days just like today.

So, the decision is in… I am not Spinning.  I am going to let my leg muscles rest, relax and rejuvinate as I create myself as a runner…hey, even God had a Day of REST when he/she created the world!