Drink, Drink, Drink – H2O

Pouring A Glass Of WaterWith every weight loss program, the mantra “drink lots of water” seems to be a common thread. There are many reasons diet experts all agree that drinking at least eight full glasses of water aids in reduction. Studies have shown that metabolic rate, as it pertains to calorie burning, may be increased by thirty of forty percent in both men and women for energy expenditures within the first ten minutes of ingesting right ounces of water. The simple solution of keeping yourself feeling fuller is another reason to always have you water bottle close at hand. Hydrating while sweating off those unwanted calories in the gym is another top-ten reason to keep drinking nature’s favorite, H2O.

Day 10 – Much Deserved Rest

It’s a Rest Day – Yay!

My body, especially my legs really needs the rest…but the rest of me is missing running.  Did I just say that?

Today, I need to be diligent about eating well, and staying hydrated.  On my last rest day, I don’t think I drank enough water which I really need to help rejuvenate and repair my muscles, flush toxins and to prepare my body for tomorrows run.  So if you see me today, and I don’t have my SCS WeightLoss water bottle in hand, a gentle reminder to drink, drink, drink is always appreciated.  If you don’t see me, it’s probably because I’ve been drinking alot of water and I’m in the bathroom – again.

Water really is the elixir!

Healthy New Year!

Healthy New Year will surely be a Happy New Year!

SCS Physicians WeightLoss System wishes you health this New Year, because a Healthy New Year equates to a Happy New Year.

Now it’s your turn to give a “shout out”  for New Year’s wishes…