Tighten Abs with Core Body Work

People exercisingWhile sit-ups and crunches may tighten your abdominal muscles, the best way to actually lose belly fat is to burn calories. The true importance of core body workouts is for total muscle strength and enhanced balance, but it sure does help your overall slimmed down look. Abdominal training will also increase your back stability, as well as improve your posture and shape by toning not only your abdominal muscles but also by targeting oblique areas. Since your getting ready to show some midriff this spring, be sure to concentrate on ridding unsightly fat and increasing tantalizing muscles with core body workouts. Pilates, yoga and stability ball sessions are fantastic modalities for abdominal strength targeting.

Strip Tease

playful-hair-flipIf you are looking to “sex-up your workout” the possibilities are endless with a variety of DVDs and in-studio classes as diverse as the instructors offering them. Now is the time to indulge in a little risque behavior that will help you boost your confidence and get fit simultaneously. Striptease aerobics combines a series of sexy moves which are designed not only to pump up the heart (yours and your lover’s), but also to tone and tighten areas of your body that may be passed over with other workouts. Deep squats, hip rolls, and a floor-work that are very true to real life stripping (don’t ask me how I know!), touched with flirty shoulders and head flips are met with burn-it-up music for an incredible wild workout.