Kick Boxing

Woman kick boxingThere may be nothing quite as alluring than a body built for action, and kickboxing aerobics is non-stop action. Most classes are strong enough for a man, but made for women to enjoy the thrill of throwing jabs, punches and kicks while mixing in rope jumping and frequent foot work. Most kickboxing workouts can be adjusted for all fitness levels, along with the constant movement which will allow you to burn nearly 500 calories per hour as you increase stamina, flexibility and strength. As you become more proficient with kickboxing moves, whether a “roundhouse” kick or “uppercut” punch become your favorite, you are sure to exude a certain sex appeal that is synonymous with the empowerment and confidence achieved from mastering kickboxing.

What is Sexy to you?

Sexy is healthy, strong, fit, empowered, self-confident.

So many SCS WeightLoss System patients get their sexy back and it usually is not connected to the scale, but rather the empowerment they have over the scale and their eating habits.  When you feel good, you feel healthy.  And when you are eating healthy, you naturally become more energetic.  Once your energy is flowing, it’s easy to get a bit more fit.  Hand in hand with fitness is strength.  A stronger YOU is a self-confident YOU.

Come on, get your sexy back!