Waiting too long to eat

Woman eating her breakfastMake time for breakfast every morning and commit to eating something every two or three hours after that. Include a mix of “good” carbs (like whole grain or fruit) for energy, and protein to slow digestion and prevent those emotional highs and lows. Otherwise, when your blood sugar dips too low, the lack of fuel to your brain can make you unfocused and cranky-and more likely to toss back a snickers after a unpleasant comment from a co-worker.

Day 7 Some Surprises

Lucky (day) 7…And I’m a Week In

According to my walk/run program schedule, I expected today to be a breeze.  After a 10 minute warm up, I repeated 2 minutes of running with 1 minute of walking for only 6 reps,as instructed,  equalling a quick 18 minutes.  Oddly enough, it felt a little more challenging than I had anticipated.  I chalked this up to not eating enough protein or drinking enough water yesterday.  Though it was a Rest Day, I probably should have eaten as if it were a training day, just to keep my body fueled well.

On the upside, I ran faster and incorporated a slight incline on the treadmill, which was  advised for gearing up to an outdoor 5K race, when training indoors on a treadmill.  The other amazing surprise I encountered, is that in just one week, I know my heart is getting stronger because it is taking me less than 1 minute of walking to bring my heart rate down below 120 from a running rate of 155-160.

I love that my progress can be measured in so many different ways.  And the best part of this whole challenge I’ve given myself to run is that as of today, Day 7, I’m really enjoying the process – Lucky Me, Lucky 7!!

So, are YOU ready to join me on a run?  If I can do this, You can too…Yes, You Can!

Day 6 To Spin or Not to Spin

Should I Spin today, even though it’s supposed to be a “REST” day?

If you indulged in the sneak peek of the running program I posted on the first day of this blog, you would have noticed that every 3rd day is scheduled as a REST DAY.  The training plan allows you to enjoy other forms of exercise on REST Day, such as weight training, biking, yoga, pilates, elliptical – just no walking/running.  On a normal week, Saturdays (today) I meet Julie and we take a great spin class together.

I’ve decided, though, that Julie will have to Spin without me.  I worked hard this week – sticking to the training schedule, waking up at 5am every day (even on the last Rest Day,but that was for a Business Networking meeting), planning out meals or snacks and eating properly to fuel my body with lots of good protein all week.  And, I also did some holiday shopping, which in itself was a walk/run experience at the mall!

Not to worry, my friends, I am not going to lay around like a sloth today.  I have stretches and an easy ab workout at the ready, for days just like today.

So, the decision is in… I am not Spinning.  I am going to let my leg muscles rest, relax and rejuvinate as I create myself as a runner…hey, even God had a Day of REST when he/she created the world!