Tighten Abs with Core Body Work

People exercisingWhile sit-ups and crunches may tighten your abdominal muscles, the best way to actually lose belly fat is to burn calories. The true importance of core body workouts is for total muscle strength and enhanced balance, but it sure does help your overall slimmed down look. Abdominal training will also increase your back stability, as well as improve your posture and shape by toning not only your abdominal muscles but also by targeting oblique areas. Since your getting ready to show some midriff this spring, be sure to concentrate on ridding unsightly fat and increasing tantalizing muscles with core body workouts. Pilates, yoga and stability ball sessions are fantastic modalities for abdominal strength targeting.

Day 10 – Much Deserved Rest

It’s a Rest Day – Yay!

My body, especially my legs really needs the rest…but the rest of me is missing running.  Did I just say that?

Today, I need to be diligent about eating well, and staying hydrated.  On my last rest day, I don’t think I drank enough water which I really need to help rejuvenate and repair my muscles, flush toxins and to prepare my body for tomorrows run.  So if you see me today, and I don’t have my SCS WeightLoss water bottle in hand, a gentle reminder to drink, drink, drink is always appreciated.  If you don’t see me, it’s probably because I’ve been drinking alot of water and I’m in the bathroom – again.

Water really is the elixir!

Day 2, On track

Yes, it’s Day 2 and I’m still on track…Well “On Treadmill,” would be more like it.

Today, I got to the gym before 6am and stretched a bit.  Then, since it was so cold out, and too early for my muscles, bones, joints and mind to heat up, I decided to walk for a 10 minute warm up instead of only a 5 minute warm up.  I think this strategy helped because I ran a little faster during the 1 minute running intervals and my hip felt fine while I was running. 

I have a friend whose tag line for her business is “Yes, We Can” and I’m thinking about making this my personal mantra for this 5K goal I have…

Yes, I Can!!  And , you know what….You Can Too!!!