Eat it raw.

Young Woman Eating A Healthy SaladThe raw food motivation is a conscious trend towards eating more locally grown whole vegetarian foods for heath and for the planet. This diet consists of fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains and legumes, seeds and nuts. Raw-vegan food is considered healthy because of its living enzymes. Since the enzymes in food aid in digestion and are destroyed at 118 degrees of heat, it is believed  that raising temperatures also deplete food of vitamins and minerals which is why cooked food is thought to lead to excessive food consumption in the body’s attempt to gain adequate nutrition.

Dress up with colors.

Grocery shopping womanWhile you might choose to dress monotones for a longer, leaner overall appearance, when it comes to the food you consume, color is a great way to add rich-in-nutrient foods to your quest for a healthy new you.Your table should be exciting with deep purple eggplant and cabbage, dark green leafy veggies, sun lit yellow peppers ans squash, rich red tuna or beef steaks, plump pink shrimp. and white, flaky orange roughy to add adventure, variety and excitement to you taste buds as well as fiber and phyto-nutrients to your body.

Cheater’s Temptations.

If you are sneaking around in the dark recesses of the night, spreading sugary peanut butter on thick white bread with marshmallow fluff dripping from the spoon, there is one simple explanation. These satanic snacks called you out of bed in the middle of the night and tempted you. Clearly, its time to empty closets, cupboards and drawers, of these empty good-for-nothing temptations. Be true to yourself and your commitment to you healthier tomorrow.

Offer to bring a dish

Brunch gatherings are often laden with muffins, bagels, flakey pastries and fattening quiche.You host and hostess will most certainly accept your gracious offer to bring a dish, especially if your are specific about the item you’d like to prepare. By whipping up one of your favorite, healthy and low calorie delights, you’ll ensure there will be a tasty choice that will allow you to stay on track while munching and brunching along with the crowd. Fruit platters with yogurt dipping sauce, veggie quiche prepared with egg substitute and light creme cheese or chocolate cream protein muffins are sure to be gobbled up by everyone, whether they are counting calories or not.

What healthy treat would you prepare?

Add Color

Have you noticed that your favorite restaurants serve not only delicious food, but the presentation is usually appealing to the eye as well as the palate? Color is a great way to add rich-in-nutrient foods to your quest to a healthy new you. Bright red apples, dark green leafy veggies, sun-lit yellow peppers, sweet red onions, juicy pink grape fruits; thick orange carrots will all add excitement to your table, variety to your diet as well as fiber and phyto-nutrients to your body.

what are you favorite colorful healthy foods?

What is Sexy to you?

Sexy is healthy, strong, fit, empowered, self-confident.

So many SCS WeightLoss System patients get their sexy back and it usually is not connected to the scale, but rather the empowerment they have over the scale and their eating habits.  When you feel good, you feel healthy.  And when you are eating healthy, you naturally become more energetic.  Once your energy is flowing, it’s easy to get a bit more fit.  Hand in hand with fitness is strength.  A stronger YOU is a self-confident YOU.

Come on, get your sexy back!

Say “Goodbye” to CPAP Machine

Email from another satified SCS WeightLoss System patient/client…

“I just wanted to send you a short e-mail expressing how happy I am with your program. In six short weeks I have managed to lose almost 20 pounds and 4 inches off my waistline but the biggest loss for me has been losing the need to use my breathing machine for the past two weeks during the night. Diagnosed with sleep apnea and a severe snoring problem I have been using a CPAP machine for over three years but with the weight loss I now no longer need it for a restful nights sleep. My wife tells me my snoring has virtually ceased and I no longer start gasping for air after not breathing for 20 to 30 seconds. I have read numerous articles that being overweight can contribute to snoring and sleep apnea and if I had known that losing just 20 pounds would have freed me from sleeping with a mask over my face I would have taken the weight off a long time ago. Weight loss may not be the solution for everyone with my problem but it sure has made life and sleeping a lot more comfortable for me. Please feel free to pass on my e-mail to the other participants in your program that may have the same sleeping problem. Also, along with feeling healthier, not needing to use a CPAP machine is a tremendous motivator for me to keep the weight off and lose another 15 pounds!”

Cut the Carbs

Kick your weight reduction efforts into high gear.

Eliminate carbohydrates for just two weeks and then adding back healthier carb choices over a few short weeks.  By eliminating carbohydrates you will significantly alter your blood chemistry thereby increasing your metabolic rate and reducing many food cravings.

Portion Control offers a great product that will help with portion control, when preparing and weighing for meal plans.

Save time when you chop, weigh and measure your food all at once.

Meal prep is fast and efficient when you use the Fit & Fresh Smart Portion™ Prep Center by Fit & Fresh™. This amazing prep center is the easiest way to stay on track. Whether dieting or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the food scale will help you control your portions every meal.

What “tricks” do you use, to maximize portion control efforts?

Healthy New Year!

Healthy New Year will surely be a Happy New Year!

SCS Physicians WeightLoss System wishes you health this New Year, because a Healthy New Year equates to a Happy New Year.

Now it’s your turn to give a “shout out”  for New Year’s wishes…