Dress up with colors.

Grocery shopping womanWhile you might choose to dress monotones for a longer, leaner overall appearance, when it comes to the food you consume, color is a great way to add rich-in-nutrient foods to your quest for a healthy new you.Your table should be exciting with deep purple eggplant and cabbage, dark green leafy veggies, sun lit yellow peppers ans squash, rich red tuna or beef steaks, plump pink shrimp. and white, flaky orange roughy to add adventure, variety and excitement to you taste buds as well as fiber and phyto-nutrients to your body.

STOP to savor the moment!

Often, we get in the habit of eating on the run. Usually, that nasty habit reeks of poor eating. Stop, be grateful for the food offered and the moment of peace you may enjoy. A little appreciation goes a long way to loving the nutrition your body is about to receive.  

Eat Before You Go

Although, your mother’s voice is still loud and clear in your head reminding you not to fill up before you head out for a meal, filling up on a hearty and healthy snack will be a savior from overeating at the Mothers Day luncheon you’ve been anticipating. Typically, there are baskets of bread, gift chocolates tempting your pallet and over-dressed salads followed by gooey desserts. Plan ahead by sitting at your place with a satiated belly, so that you are focused on conversation rather than food.

Add Color

Have you noticed that your favorite restaurants serve not only delicious food, but the presentation is usually appealing to the eye as well as the palate? Color is a great way to add rich-in-nutrient foods to your quest to a healthy new you. Bright red apples, dark green leafy veggies, sun-lit yellow peppers, sweet red onions, juicy pink grape fruits; thick orange carrots will all add excitement to your table, variety to your diet as well as fiber and phyto-nutrients to your body.

what are you favorite colorful healthy foods?

Keep a Food Journal

Its been noted that writing down your food intake increases your awareness of what, why and when you eat. Once you can pin point if you are eating out of frustration, anxiety, boredom, or any other emotion, you can take the necessary changes to curb that behavior. A Food journal is also an excellent tool to review, for knowledge of greater weight loss weeks, for repeat performance.

Have you ever kept a food journal?

SCS TopTip …Brush your teeth after every meal and snack [portable brush-up are available in your local drugstore].  Food never seems as appealing when you have that toothpaste taste in your mouth.

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Portion Control

OrganizeIt.com offers a great product that will help with portion control, when preparing and weighing for meal plans.

Save time when you chop, weigh and measure your food all at once.

Meal prep is fast and efficient when you use the Fit & Fresh Smart Portion™ Prep Center by Fit & Fresh™. This amazing prep center is the easiest way to stay on track. Whether dieting or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the food scale will help you control your portions every meal.

What “tricks” do you use, to maximize portion control efforts?

Comfort Food

Comfort Food doesn’t have to be laden with calories to be comforting!

On a blistering winter day, there is no better comfort food than a warm bowl of hearty soup.  Remember though, that soups often contain, starchy carbohydrates and fatty creams, and the amounts of salt in canned soups can be astronomical – so beware!  There are plenty of easy to make, low calorie, delicious soups that are quick and easy to prepare.  So check out SCS Winter-Warm-Me-Up soup recipe (on the “Insider’s Corner”) and make an extra batch to freeze.

We’d love for you to share your favorite (guilt free) comfort food recipes, too.