Kick Boxing

Woman kick boxingThere may be nothing quite as alluring than a body built for action, and kickboxing aerobics is non-stop action. Most classes are strong enough for a man, but made for women to enjoy the thrill of throwing jabs, punches and kicks while mixing in rope jumping and frequent foot work. Most kickboxing workouts can be adjusted for all fitness levels, along with the constant movement which will allow you to burn nearly 500 calories per hour as you increase stamina, flexibility and strength. As you become more proficient with kickboxing moves, whether a “roundhouse” kick or “uppercut” punch become your favorite, you are sure to exude a certain sex appeal that is synonymous with the empowerment and confidence achieved from mastering kickboxing.

Find a diet and exercise plan that meets your lifestyle

Finally, one of the most important components to getting rid of the extra added winter weight is to find a diet and exercise plan that will work with and adapt well to your lifestyle, so that you can get started with ease and keep the regimen for a lifetime. There would be no reason to choose a diet which calls for mega amounts of beef, chicken or pork if you are a strict vegetarian. Nor would you choose an exercise routine which calls for three of aquatic laps if you are deathly afraid of the water.

Day 6 To Spin or Not to Spin

Should I Spin today, even though it’s supposed to be a “REST” day?

If you indulged in the sneak peek of the running program I posted on the first day of this blog, you would have noticed that every 3rd day is scheduled as a REST DAY.  The training plan allows you to enjoy other forms of exercise on REST Day, such as weight training, biking, yoga, pilates, elliptical – just no walking/running.  On a normal week, Saturdays (today) I meet Julie and we take a great spin class together.

I’ve decided, though, that Julie will have to Spin without me.  I worked hard this week – sticking to the training schedule, waking up at 5am every day (even on the last Rest Day,but that was for a Business Networking meeting), planning out meals or snacks and eating properly to fuel my body with lots of good protein all week.  And, I also did some holiday shopping, which in itself was a walk/run experience at the mall!

Not to worry, my friends, I am not going to lay around like a sloth today.  I have stretches and an easy ab workout at the ready, for days just like today.

So, the decision is in… I am not Spinning.  I am going to let my leg muscles rest, relax and rejuvinate as I create myself as a runner…hey, even God had a Day of REST when he/she created the world!


Exercise does not have to be a dirty word. The trick to keeping active, which will burn calories and increase your metabolism, is to find an activity you enjoy and then stick to it. So, if you love to dance but dont enjoy the club scene, sign up for ballroom dance lessons or find a Zumba® class at your local fitness center. Run around with your four legged friends. Tennies, softball, hockey leagues are always open for all levels of players. You dont have to walk a treadmill to burn calories.. just play.

What are your favorite ways to play?

Weight Loss Goal Met, And Now…

Another SCS WeightLoss patient has met her goal weight and now she is training for a half marathon!!!

“Weigh” to Go!!!

It’s Your Life!

The best diet and exercise plans are those which will fit into your lifestyle with ease and enthusiasm.  Of course, as with all forms of habit changing programs, your success depends on your own commitment and the right support system. SCS is your support system!

Commitment to weight loss that lasts

How committed are you to losing the weight and keeping it off?

There is certainly something to be said for getting the weight off in a fast and easy manner, and that’s where the SCS physician supervised system comes into play.  The real challenge then is  keeping it off once you’ve met your weight loss goals. 

There is one tried and true way to do just that – make lifestyle changes while you are reducing your weight and then stick to them.  That means when you embark on an exercise routine during your “diet” phase of the system, stay with tht routine long after the initial weight loss phase.  Since you have probably given up eating high calorie snacks well into the night, keep that habit alive for a life time.  Your body will get used to eating four to six small meals a day, so keep that regimen as days, weeks, months and years progress to keep your body well fueled and energized for a slim, healthy lifestyle, forever!

Burn Calories While You Watch TV…Really!

Love to watch TV but feel like you are wasting precious work out time?

There are a few simple solutions that will have you keeping up with your favorite shows and burning calories at the same time:

  • Many fitness centers have TVs mounted in various work out areas or even right on your favorite cardio machine.
  • If you’re home, instead of jumping up during commercial breaks to grab snack food, try jumping up and down, run in place, fit in some abdominal crunches or stay laying on the couch doing leg lifts.

Be creative, and remember, Move It to Lose It…the weight that is!

Interval Training

Interval Training may sound complicated, but it’s really easy and fun!

If the concept of “interval training” sounds intimidating, don’t be fooled.  Interval training is not only easy, it’s fun and can make your workout seem to go faster as well as increase your calorie burning goals.  You are also “training” and “strengthening” your heart muscle by increasing your heart rate and then lowering it for interval periods during the workout.

Interval training is simply a mode in which you will increase the intensity of your cardiovascular workout for short spurts.  Here’s a simple plan of action:

  • During a 30 minute walk (whether outdoors or on a treadmill)
  • Walk for 4 minutes
  • Jog for 30 seconds
  • Run/Sprint for 30 seconds
  • Walk for 4 minutes
  • Jog for 30 seconds
  • Run/Sprint for 30 seconds

Repeat this cycle 4 more times, and your 1/2 hour walk will be accomplished, with added calorie burning bonuses!  Plus you’ll find a fun game going on in your head with this exercise

**If you prefer, insead of using minutes or seconds for timing yourself, use music (Walk for one song, Jog for one song, Run/Sprint for one song). Or you can use markers (Walk for one street, Jog past 5 light poles, Run/Sprint to the mail box).