Waiting too long to eat

Woman eating her breakfastMake time for breakfast every morning and commit to eating something every two or three hours after that. Include a mix of “good” carbs (like whole grain or fruit) for energy, and protein to slow digestion and prevent those emotional highs and lows. Otherwise, when your blood sugar dips too low, the lack of fuel to your brain can make you unfocused and cranky-and more likely to toss back a snickers after a unpleasant comment from a co-worker.

What is Sexy to you?

Sexy is healthy, strong, fit, empowered, self-confident.

So many SCS WeightLoss System patients get their sexy back and it usually is not connected to the scale, but rather the empowerment they have over the scale and their eating habits.  When you feel good, you feel healthy.  And when you are eating healthy, you naturally become more energetic.  Once your energy is flowing, it’s easy to get a bit more fit.  Hand in hand with fitness is strength.  A stronger YOU is a self-confident YOU.

Come on, get your sexy back!

MIC injections boost weight loss efforts!

What are MIC injections and how do they work?

This standardized injection is a blended combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids designed to aid in weight loss.  Specific amino acids [Methionine] act as lipotropic agents to assist in the removal of fat within the liver and to prevent excess fat buildup throughout the body.  This amino acid is also beneficial to relieve fatigue, prevents skin and nail ailments and neutralizes toxins.  Vitamin B Complex [Insitol] is used to breakdown and emulsify body fats distributing them accordingly, helping to promote healthy hair, skin and nails. By forming smaller fat globules in the blood another of the Vitamin B family [Choline] transports fats and cholesterol in the body increasing fat metabolism and utilization.  Essential minerals [Chromium Chloride] are required for certain metabolic processes and is necessary in regulating carbohydrate metabolism and affecting blood sugar levels.  Finally, this combination would not be complete without Vitamin B12 [Cyanocobalamin] known for its energy boosting prowess.  It also helps suppress the appetite and may have a mild diuretic effect.

3 Days Till Christmas, and You’re Exhausted!

Exhausted by days of  working, shopping, running with kids off their school routine and you’re still not ready for Christmas?

Believe it or not, a brisk walk or thirty minutes on the elliptical will give you much more energy that zonking out on the couch in front of the TV.  It’s 6PM, dinner is in the slow cooker, and I’m headed to the gym…my energy booster!