Waiting too long to eat

Woman eating her breakfastMake time for breakfast every morning and commit to eating something every two or three hours after that. Include a mix of “good” carbs (like whole grain or fruit) for energy, and protein to slow digestion and prevent those emotional highs and lows. Otherwise, when your blood sugar dips too low, the lack of fuel to your brain can make you unfocused and cranky-and more likely to toss back a snickers after a unpleasant comment from a co-worker.

Cut the Carbs

Variety Of Different BreadsKick your weight reductions efforts into high gear by eliminating carbohydrates for just two weeks and then adding back healthier carb choices over a few short weeks. By eliminating carbohydrates you will significantly alter your body chemistry thereby increasing your metabolic rate and reducing many food cravings. Simply cut all bread, rice potatoes, and pasta. Including on your no-consumption list will be all sugars. Yes that means no ice cream, candy, cookies, cake or sugary sodas and soft drinks. Also stay away from any and all alcohol for these first two weeks as well. Don’t fret, if you desire, after the initial two week period, you can add wine back into your daily repertoire for its healthy benefits. Many individuals report a quick weight loss of seven to fifteen pounds and noticeable reduction in their mid-section within these two weeks.

Limit Alcohol Intake

A couple drinks at your neighbor’s BBQ party is always fun, but when it comes to sticking to your diet plan, alcohol is a no-no. The reason for limiting alcohol intake drastically while in the weight loss phase of your diet is twofold. First, wine, beer and all liquors are empty calories that are high in sugars and carbohydrates. Second, you may go to the party with the best intentions of staying true to your food plan and then succumb to a few drinks which will further inhibit your will power, until you are belly-button deep in chocolate cream pie.