Drink, Drink, Drink – H2O

Pouring A Glass Of WaterWith every weight loss program, the mantra “drink lots of water” seems to be a common thread. There are many reasons diet experts all agree that drinking at least eight full glasses of water aids in reduction. Studies have shown that metabolic rate, as it pertains to calorie burning, may be increased by thirty of forty percent in both men and women for energy expenditures within the first ten minutes of ingesting right ounces of water. The simple solution of keeping yourself feeling fuller is another reason to always have you water bottle close at hand. Hydrating while sweating off those unwanted calories in the gym is another top-ten reason to keep drinking nature’s favorite, H2O.

Swapping May Be For You.

The thought of swapping may seem decadent to some, but switching to egg whites [only] for whole egg, or cooking spray for oil and buttermay be just what you need to keep those flavors you love and lose the calorie consuming cycle you’ve  been in. Many yummy recipes can be pinched and tweaked for a healthier relationship between your mouth and your hips.

Commitment to weight loss that lasts

How committed are you to losing the weight and keeping it off?

There is certainly something to be said for getting the weight off in a fast and easy manner, and that’s where the SCS physician supervised system comes into play.  The real challenge then is  keeping it off once you’ve met your weight loss goals. 

There is one tried and true way to do just that – make lifestyle changes while you are reducing your weight and then stick to them.  That means when you embark on an exercise routine during your “diet” phase of the system, stay with tht routine long after the initial weight loss phase.  Since you have probably given up eating high calorie snacks well into the night, keep that habit alive for a life time.  Your body will get used to eating four to six small meals a day, so keep that regimen as days, weeks, months and years progress to keep your body well fueled and energized for a slim, healthy lifestyle, forever!

Interval Training

Interval Training may sound complicated, but it’s really easy and fun!

If the concept of “interval training” sounds intimidating, don’t be fooled.  Interval training is not only easy, it’s fun and can make your workout seem to go faster as well as increase your calorie burning goals.  You are also “training” and “strengthening” your heart muscle by increasing your heart rate and then lowering it for interval periods during the workout.

Interval training is simply a mode in which you will increase the intensity of your cardiovascular workout for short spurts.  Here’s a simple plan of action:

  • During a 30 minute walk (whether outdoors or on a treadmill)
  • Walk for 4 minutes
  • Jog for 30 seconds
  • Run/Sprint for 30 seconds
  • Walk for 4 minutes
  • Jog for 30 seconds
  • Run/Sprint for 30 seconds

Repeat this cycle 4 more times, and your 1/2 hour walk will be accomplished, with added calorie burning bonuses!  Plus you’ll find a fun game going on in your head with this exercise

**If you prefer, insead of using minutes or seconds for timing yourself, use music (Walk for one song, Jog for one song, Run/Sprint for one song). Or you can use markers (Walk for one street, Jog past 5 light poles, Run/Sprint to the mail box).

Easy calorie-cutting tips!

With all the holiday “treats” lurking on every counter top, here are some simple tips for calorie-cutting:

  • Use cooking spray or low-sodium broth when pan cooking
  • Drink water or 0-calorie beverages instead of soda or sugary drinks.  Even low-calorie drinks can add up to to 100 calories or more by day’s end.
  • Use non-stick pans and replace oil or butter in your holiday baking recipes with natural applesauce.
  • Avoid sauces, cheesy spreads and creamy dips.  They may seem like little harmless toppers but you’ll be adding 100’s of calories without knowing it.
  • Substitute recipe ingredients like whole milk with skim milk; whole eggs with egg whites or egg substitutes; buttery crackers with buckwheat crackers; ice cream with yogurt.

Enjoy your favorite holiday treats with a few creative changes, for a healthier, more calorie-conscious mind set!