Tighten Abs with Core Body Work

People exercisingWhile sit-ups and crunches may tighten your abdominal muscles, the best way to actually lose belly fat is to burn calories. The true importance of core body workouts is for total muscle strength and enhanced balance, but it sure does help your overall slimmed down look. Abdominal training will also increase your back stability, as well as improve your posture and shape by toning not only your abdominal muscles but also by targeting oblique areas. Since your getting ready to show some midriff this spring, be sure to concentrate on ridding unsightly fat and increasing tantalizing muscles with core body workouts. Pilates, yoga and stability ball sessions are fantastic modalities for abdominal strength targeting.

Cut the Carbs

Variety Of Different BreadsKick your weight reductions efforts into high gear by eliminating carbohydrates for just two weeks and then adding back healthier carb choices over a few short weeks. By eliminating carbohydrates you will significantly alter your body chemistry thereby increasing your metabolic rate and reducing many food cravings. Simply cut all bread, rice potatoes, and pasta. Including on your no-consumption list will be all sugars. Yes that means no ice cream, candy, cookies, cake or sugary sodas and soft drinks. Also stay away from any and all alcohol for these first two weeks as well. Don’t fret, if you desire, after the initial two week period, you can add wine back into your daily repertoire for its healthy benefits. Many individuals report a quick weight loss of seven to fifteen pounds and noticeable reduction in their mid-section within these two weeks.

Strip Tease

playful-hair-flipIf you are looking to “sex-up your workout” the possibilities are endless with a variety of DVDs and in-studio classes as diverse as the instructors offering them. Now is the time to indulge in a little risque behavior that will help you boost your confidence and get fit simultaneously. Striptease aerobics combines a series of sexy moves which are designed not only to pump up the heart (yours and your lover’s), but also to tone and tighten areas of your body that may be passed over with other workouts. Deep squats, hip rolls, and a floor-work that are very true to real life stripping (don’t ask me how I know!), touched with flirty shoulders and head flips are met with burn-it-up music for an incredible wild workout.

Kick Boxing

Woman kick boxingThere may be nothing quite as alluring than a body built for action, and kickboxing aerobics is non-stop action. Most classes are strong enough for a man, but made for women to enjoy the thrill of throwing jabs, punches and kicks while mixing in rope jumping and frequent foot work. Most kickboxing workouts can be adjusted for all fitness levels, along with the constant movement which will allow you to burn nearly 500 calories per hour as you increase stamina, flexibility and strength. As you become more proficient with kickboxing moves, whether a “roundhouse” kick or “uppercut” punch become your favorite, you are sure to exude a certain sex appeal that is synonymous with the empowerment and confidence achieved from mastering kickboxing.

Eat it raw.

Young Woman Eating A Healthy SaladThe raw food motivation is a conscious trend towards eating more locally grown whole vegetarian foods for heath and for the planet. This diet consists of fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains and legumes, seeds and nuts. Raw-vegan food is considered healthy because of its living enzymes. Since the enzymes in food aid in digestion and are destroyed at 118 degrees of heat, it is believed  that raising temperatures also deplete food of vitamins and minerals which is why cooked food is thought to lead to excessive food consumption in the body’s attempt to gain adequate nutrition.

Dress up with colors.

Grocery shopping womanWhile you might choose to dress monotones for a longer, leaner overall appearance, when it comes to the food you consume, color is a great way to add rich-in-nutrient foods to your quest for a healthy new you.Your table should be exciting with deep purple eggplant and cabbage, dark green leafy veggies, sun lit yellow peppers ans squash, rich red tuna or beef steaks, plump pink shrimp. and white, flaky orange roughy to add adventure, variety and excitement to you taste buds as well as fiber and phyto-nutrients to your body.

STOP to savor the moment!

Often, we get in the habit of eating on the run. Usually, that nasty habit reeks of poor eating. Stop, be grateful for the food offered and the moment of peace you may enjoy. A little appreciation goes a long way to loving the nutrition your body is about to receive.  

Add Color

Have you noticed that your favorite restaurants serve not only delicious food, but the presentation is usually appealing to the eye as well as the palate? Color is a great way to add rich-in-nutrient foods to your quest to a healthy new you. Bright red apples, dark green leafy veggies, sun-lit yellow peppers, sweet red onions, juicy pink grape fruits; thick orange carrots will all add excitement to your table, variety to your diet as well as fiber and phyto-nutrients to your body.

what are you favorite colorful healthy foods?

Dieters, Chill Out!

Stress will slow your weight loss efforts.

Besides “stress eating” , over eating in an attempt to fulfill emotional needs, which will certainly hinder your weight loss goals, stress reeks havoc on your body.  This physical reaction to the stress you hold in, may slow your weight reduction efforts substantially.  So, relax, meditate, join a Yoga class to ease your stress and kick up your weight loss results.