Tighten Abs with Core Body Work

People exercisingWhile sit-ups and crunches may tighten your abdominal muscles, the best way to actually lose belly fat is to burn calories. The true importance of core body workouts is for total muscle strength and enhanced balance, but it sure does help your overall slimmed down look. Abdominal training will also increase your back stability, as well as improve your posture and shape by toning not only your abdominal muscles but also by targeting oblique areas. Since your getting ready to show some midriff this spring, be sure to concentrate on ridding unsightly fat and increasing tantalizing muscles with core body workouts. Pilates, yoga and stability ball sessions are fantastic modalities for abdominal strength targeting.

Burn Calories While You Watch TV…Really!

Love to watch TV but feel like you are wasting precious work out time?

There are a few simple solutions that will have you keeping up with your favorite shows and burning calories at the same time:

  • Many fitness centers have TVs mounted in various work out areas or even right on your favorite cardio machine.
  • If you’re home, instead of jumping up during commercial breaks to grab snack food, try jumping up and down, run in place, fit in some abdominal crunches or stay laying on the couch doing leg lifts.

Be creative, and remember, Move It to Lose It…the weight that is!