When you’ve tried other weight loss programs and they have not worked, or if you just need to rid yourself of those last 15-30 pounds of abnormal fat, that seem impossible to tackle…it’s probably time to embark on an hCG treatment protocol.  Although hCG treatment for weight loss is safe and effective, it must be administered by a health professional for optimum results.  After a complete medical screening, including EKG and required blood panels, SCS Weight Loss System, will guide you step-by-step, through excerpts from Dr. A.T.W. Simeons’ original manuscript “Pounds and Inches”®.

It is crucial that the hCG plan outlined for your specific weight reduction needs, be followed exactly. 

During and concluding each of your successful hCG sessions, you will :

  • Burn fat while maintaining healthy muscle tissue
  • Re-set your metabolism so your body will continue to naturally burn fat
  • Feel satisfied, since your hypothalamus gland will function appropriately
  • Have an abundance of energy
  • Not be hungry
  • Always feel full
  • Reduce abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, underarm fat
  • Target specific stored fat, resulting in natural body contouring
  • Lose approximately thirty (30) pounds of abnormal fat

Furthermore, many patients are able to reduce cholesterol levels, maintain healthy blood-sugar levels and alleviate high blood pressure.

 What is hCG ?

 Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, found in pregnant women, taps into stored body fat to protect the fetus during pregnancy and effectively utilizes stored and abnormal fat when administered for weight reduction.  hCG has been used to treat many various health issues for both men and women for over 50 years by the medical community.  However, the FDA has not approved hCG therapy for weight reduction.


 Who can benefit from hCG treatment for weight management?

Since hCG is not a feminizing human hormone, both men and women will benefit from its use for weight reduction.  On average, men lose 28-35 pounds and women lose 26-33 pounds during a thirty day regimen.  Even if you only need to lose 15 pounds, you will benefit from this treatment, because you will only lose abnormal fat, retaining healthy muscle tissue and normal fat cells.


Which form of hCG is the most effective?

 Homeopathic hCG may be administered via daily injections, sublingual drops or  transdermal compounds.  The most important component is that the formula is manufactured from US Pharmacopeia (USP) hCG, and that it is completely absorbable.


Are there adverse side effects from the use of hCG?

While hCG is indeed a natural substance produced in the human body, there is a slight possibility of unwanted side effects when using hCG for weight loss.  You should contact the SCS WeightLoss System office if symptoms of ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome (OHSS) occur.  Other, less serious side effects may include: headache, restlessness, edema, breast swelling or tenderness – all of which should subside shortly after treatment begins.


Why is a very low calorie diet protocol necessary while receiving hCG?

An hCG very low calorie diet “VLCD” protocol allows your hypothalamus to effectively and continually release fat stored in your body.  Because of this physiological process, your body is actually burning thousands of calories per day resulting in weight loss directly from fat, so that muscle mass is maintained at healthy levels.

Is strenuous exercise necessary to lose 1-2 pounds per day?

Moderate exercise is always encouraged for cardiac health.  However, due to the specific physiological effects of the hCG, which make the body feel as if its getting plenty of food, but in reality, dieters are on a limited caloric intake, the VLCD protocol does NOT  support an intense workout.

Will weight gain be imminent when hCG treatment is complete and higher calories are consumed?

No. When hCG treatment ceases, the physiological process also ceases, whereby the blood is no longer saturated and can easily accommodate extra food without having to increase its volume.  A specific SCS WeightLoss System maintenance plan is set and patients easily resume recommended daily calorie consumption with no weight gain.  Those who were missing their full workout regimens will also benefit from the increased energy as they resume their routine in full.

Best of all, your hypothalamus is reset, so that your metabolism will be different and you will eat moderately without feeling the need to overeat ever again!