Four, Three, Two, One…hCG Myths Gone!

FlairMagCoverMyth #1

            hCG is a human growth hormone that produces cancer.

Nope — hCG – is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a naturally produced hormone which appears in high levels during the first trimester of pregnancy.  hCG is a non-feminizing hormone, therefore it is effective for both men and women, when used in conjunction with a very low calorie diet for weight loss.

Myth #2

            Dr. Oz says that he is 100% against hCG use for weight loss.

On March 10, 2011 Dr. Oz hosted a panel of experts on his show to discuss the controversial hCG diets that seem to have become popular in the past year or so.  These physicians, verified that hCG has been safely used for weight reduction for over 40 years in Europe and for almost 20 years in the United States.  Dr. Oz’s final (and very public conclusion) is “I’m seeing a lot of reasons to reevaluate [hCG], intriguing reasons to reevaluate it… because we might find new ways to help millions of people who do not have another solution,  find an option. And for that reason I think it’s worth investigating.”

He then warned: Do not buy hCG supplements. The no-shot method may seem attractive, but they are a waste of money. In fact, they contain little to no hCG.”  – Dr. Oz was referring to the hCG drops and sprays found online and over-the-counter in stores.

He also stated, “You should not restrict yourself to this type of a low calorie diet protocol without the supervision of a doctor.”

Myth #3

            hCG dieters compromise their metabolism and as soon as they begin eating more calories they will gain all the weight back.

This has got to be one of the biggest misconceptions of all about the hCG diet.  What really happens is that with the pharmaceutical hCG in your system, your body will use all the caloric nutrients from the specific diet protocol you are on.  It then will allow you to burn stored “abnormal” fat, so that your metabolic rate is thriving throughout the prescribed days of low calorie diet and will remain at the boosted level when you begin adding calories at the end of the restrictive phase.

Myth #4        

            hCG can’t be good for you, because it’s not FDA approved.

OK, does anyone remember what Viagra was originally FDA approved for?  It was brought to the market for patients suffering from chest pains related to cardiac disease.

What about Lattisse for eyelash growth?  This drug was approved for the treatment of glaucoma.

hCG is indeed FDA approved, currently for usage with infertility.

hCG seems to be the new, hot, trend in weight loss these days, even though it’s been around for nearly 50 years.  I hope I have been able to clear up some of the myths related to the use of hCG.  If you or someone you know is interested in extreme weight loss, literally 25-30 pounds in only 30 days, I ask you to do just one thing: Be sure you are using a physician prescribed hCG pharmaceutical grade compound and that you are medically supervised.

Sarah J. Strock, CEO of SCS WeightLoss System with physician supervised offices in Daniel David’s Med Spa in Weston and Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Tracey H. Stokes’ office in East Fort Lauderdale.

This article originally appeared in Flair! Magazine, June 2011

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