Waiting too long to eat

Woman eating her breakfastMake time for breakfast every morning and commit to eating something every two or three hours after that. Include a mix of “good” carbs (like whole grain or fruit) for energy, and protein to slow digestion and prevent those emotional highs and lows. Otherwise, when your blood sugar dips too low, the lack of fuel to your brain can make you unfocused and cranky-and more likely to toss back a snickers after a unpleasant comment from a co-worker.

Cut the Carbs

Variety Of Different BreadsKick your weight reductions efforts into high gear by eliminating carbohydrates for just two weeks and then adding back healthier carb choices over a few short weeks. By eliminating carbohydrates you will significantly alter your body chemistry thereby increasing your metabolic rate and reducing many food cravings. Simply cut all bread, rice potatoes, and pasta. Including on your no-consumption list will be all sugars. Yes that means no ice cream, candy, cookies, cake or sugary sodas and soft drinks. Also stay away from any and all alcohol for these first two weeks as well. Don’t fret, if you desire, after the initial two week period, you can add wine back into your daily repertoire for its healthy benefits. Many individuals report a quick weight loss of seven to fifteen pounds and noticeable reduction in their mid-section within these two weeks.

Eat it raw.

Young Woman Eating A Healthy SaladThe raw food motivation is a conscious trend towards eating more locally grown whole vegetarian foods for heath and for the planet. This diet consists of fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains and legumes, seeds and nuts. Raw-vegan food is considered healthy because of its living enzymes. Since the enzymes in food aid in digestion and are destroyed at 118 degrees of heat, it is believed  that raising temperatures also deplete food of vitamins and minerals which is why cooked food is thought to lead to excessive food consumption in the body’s attempt to gain adequate nutrition.

Dress up with colors.

Grocery shopping womanWhile you might choose to dress monotones for a longer, leaner overall appearance, when it comes to the food you consume, color is a great way to add rich-in-nutrient foods to your quest for a healthy new you.Your table should be exciting with deep purple eggplant and cabbage, dark green leafy veggies, sun lit yellow peppers ans squash, rich red tuna or beef steaks, plump pink shrimp. and white, flaky orange roughy to add adventure, variety and excitement to you taste buds as well as fiber and phyto-nutrients to your body.

Cheater’s Temptations.

If you are sneaking around in the dark recesses of the night, spreading sugary peanut butter on thick white bread with marshmallow fluff dripping from the spoon, there is one simple explanation. These satanic snacks called you out of bed in the middle of the night and tempted you. Clearly, its time to empty closets, cupboards and drawers, of these empty good-for-nothing temptations. Be true to yourself and your commitment to you healthier tomorrow.

Spice it Up

Like any love affair gone awry, it’s often the mundane and routine which leaves you wanting for more. If you find yourself bored with the same chicken-in-a-pot, try going online to your favorite diet conscious sites for new recipes or checking up with local restaurant s which often change up menu choices. Simply experimenting with new spices may just rock your world!

STOP to savor the moment!

Often, we get in the habit of eating on the run. Usually, that nasty habit reeks of poor eating. Stop, be grateful for the food offered and the moment of peace you may enjoy. A little appreciation goes a long way to loving the nutrition your body is about to receive.  

Swapping May Be For You.

The thought of swapping may seem decadent to some, but switching to egg whites [only] for whole egg, or cooking spray for oil and buttermay be just what you need to keep those flavors you love and lose the calorie consuming cycle you’ve  been in. Many yummy recipes can be pinched and tweaked for a healthier relationship between your mouth and your hips.

Find a diet and exercise plan that meets your lifestyle

Finally, one of the most important components to getting rid of the extra added winter weight is to find a diet and exercise plan that will work with and adapt well to your lifestyle, so that you can get started with ease and keep the regimen for a lifetime. There would be no reason to choose a diet which calls for mega amounts of beef, chicken or pork if you are a strict vegetarian. Nor would you choose an exercise routine which calls for three of aquatic laps if you are deathly afraid of the water.

Fire it up!

Heating leftovers on the stove or warming food in the oven will open your aromatic sensations to the nutrition awaiting your body. Rituals while preparing and cooking food allow for anticipation and desire to rise. Taste testing while cooking will only add to your calories intake for the day, so simply surround yourself with the scents of the ingredients and get ready for that satisfying first bite.