9 Tips Toward a Love Affair with Healthy Eating

9TipsLoveAffairHas your relationship with food gone bad?  Are you using food to fill in the gaps and frustrations of day-to-day living and now what might have seemed like your savior is just the cause of more stress?  Well, now is the time to love food again. It’s time to rejoice in having all the satisfaction and sweet sensation your palate desires and deserves, without the worry of adding pounds or other unwanted elements to your body.  Finally a love affair with healthy eating, whether you prefer to “heat up the fire” or “eat it raw”, we’ve got the tools to satiate your appetite for a diet rich in taste and low on guilt.

Download the whole article: 9 Tips toward a love affair with Healthy Eating

Written by SJ Strock

Originally appeared in TW Magazine

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